Fitness. Health. & Travel. These three words sum up everything that I’m passionate about.A little bitabout me

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, I grew up with a passion for sports and played competitive basketball. Towards the end of my high school career, I was introduced into weight lifting. Since then, I’ve been in the gym and constantly reading up on anything fitness and health related. Which also lead me to become a certified personal trainer this year (yay!).

My love of travel began after I graduated University with a degree in journalism. It started with a short euro-trip and now is a part of career and my personal life. Traveling for a living is difficult. I started researching and learning new recipes and health remedies to keep me from getting sick, staying fit and feeling overworked. After working over four years in the aviation industry, I’ve learned that there really isn’t much out there to support a flight crew lifestyle. I’m hoping my blog can reach out to everyone who travels for a living, as well as anyone who wants to live a healthy, happy life with a busy schedule and lifestyle.

I’m very excited to share with all of you my adventures traveling; including travel guides and tips!

I love to write (unbiased) about any fitness news, recipes, personal experiences, health news and workouts! With the help of my own knowledge, academic journals and fitness and health professionals, I hope to enlighten and encourage any one to live a healthy lifestyle and be happy (and comfortable) in your skin!

Proving you can be happy and healthy, as well as travel the world.




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