Latest Trader Joe’s Haul: 10 Delicious & Healthy Approved Items

I am not blessed with a Trader Joe’s in my hometown. In fact, there are none within a five-hour radius. So my American friends, you can understand why I have a bit of an infatuation.  Luckily my job takes me across the border constantly. And while I don’t usually have enough time to pop by a Trader Joe’s, when I do, I spend countless hours perusing the aisles. Recently, I had the time to check out some new and old products during my stay in Arizona. Below are the best healthy choices for snacks, treats, seasonings and more. 

1.Pumpkin Spice Coffee

‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice! The biggest problem with the pumpkin spice fad is all the added sugar. The pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, while delicious, contains 380 calories and 50 grams of sugar. In comparison, a can of coke has less than half of the calories and 12 grams less sugar. My quest to find pumpkin spice flavoured coffee without all the added cals has finally been answered by Trader Joes Pumpkin Spice Coffee. This tin contains only: coffee, orange peel, cinnamon, natural pumpkin spice flavour, allspice, nutmeg and vanilla beans. It is a little stronger and a little less sweet, but a great alternative to satisfy the craving. 

2. Pumpkin Spice Granola Bark

There really isn’t anything healthy about this granola bark. It’s more of a healthy alternative to the sweet snacks we usually indulge in. Pumpkin spice always gets me jazzed up so I knew I had to try it. What makes this better than most sweet snacks? The ingredients are all organic and one piece will run you around 100-150 calories. 

3. Everything But the Bagel Greek Style Yogurt Dip

My obsession with everything bagel spice continues. But what gets me excited about this dip is that it’s one of the few that doesn’t contain any mega-trans-fat vegetable oil. Most hummus, dips and sauces contain some sort of vegetable oil and it has been very difficult to find anything pre-made without it. The everything but the bagel dip has simple ingredients, containing literally yogurt and seasonings. That’s it!

4. Chocolate Hummus

Remember how I said that most pre-made hummus has vegetable oils in them? This one isn’t any different. While I was hesitant to buy and try this because of the canola oil, the rest of the ingredients are simple. Chocolate hummus might sound strange, but chickpeas are one of those wondrous foods that can be transformed into dessert or something savoury. At 50 calories a serving, this chocolate hummus is worth a try. 

5. Chile Lime Seasoning Blend

I realize this isn’t anything new. But it’s the first time i’ve bought it, so I had to include it in my list. When my uncle was making some homemade salsa, he added the Chile lime seasoning and it was a game changer! The perfect blend between spicy and sour. This blend it almost identical to the Tajin seasoning with lime. It’s just a little less salty. 

6. Raw Creamy Almond Butter

There are a few different almond butters at Trader Joes and this time I decided to try the Raw Creamy Almond Butter. This almond butter is a must have. It tastes amazing, has no added sugars, salts or oils, and you can’t beat the price. 

7. Organic Tahini

What made me excited about this tahini is that it is organic. It only contains organic tahini. It’s a small enough jar that it doesn’t expire. What’s not to like? 

8. Organic Sparkling Apple Cider

I’ve never had much of a problem drinking apple cider vinegar on its own, but it does realllllllly burn on the way down. This apple cider drink is a lot easier. With only five ingredients and no refined sugar, I felt good about drinking this beverage. 

9. Black Bean Rotini

Nothing makes me happier than being able to eat pasta and not worry about all the empty carbs I’m consuming. The new pasta products being made with legumes are changing my life! I love being able to make a fully vegan or vegetarian pasta without all the carbs, but with the protein from beans. The best part of the Trader Joes branded pasta is the price point. Less than $5 for a bag is a game-changer. 

10. Freeze Dried Banana Slices

I’ve found them! My best friend told me about these guys a long time ago, but I managed to pick up the dried bananas coated in sugar. These ones are a lot different. Because they are freeze-dried, the slices aren’t covered in added sugars or syrups. Instead you get straight up banana slices. 

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