Holiday Gift Guide: The Pilot, Flight Attendant or Traveler and Fitness Buff

From travel kits to gloves and water bottles, this list will cover you if you haven’t found out what to get that travel/fitness lover on your list.

December is getting close, time to get in on those Black Friday sales with these great gifts and stocking stuffers! This article contains some affiliate links.

1. The Original Travel Roller.

I’ve had my fair share of travel rollers…but this one is much more compact and easy to pack. Plus…it perfectly fits a bottle of wine. It’s a win-win.

$44.95 at  

2. Resistance Band Set.

Any fitness enthusiast on the go NEEDS this in their travel bag. These travel bands are light-weight and hold up for years. I know from experience.

$25.98 at

3. Blender Bottle GoStak Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars.

Protein powders and other pre & post workout supplements usually come in huge containers and have the consistency of baby powder. After traveling with them for years, I’ve learnt that ziplock bags really aren’t the way to go (lets just say it looked like I was using cocaine on my dresser…ugh.) these containers are small and connect together (and to your shaker!) To save space. 

$12.99 at

4. Blender Bottle Small.

After trying to mix my protein with a coffee cup and tiny plastic stir sticks…i can tell you a shaker bottle is worth taking up extra space. I like this one because it’s half the size of most. 

$9.99 at

5. QUE 20-oz Water Bottle.

You gotta stay hydrated when you travel, this water bottle allows you to take it through customs and fill up in the airport while taking minimal space. Once you’re done, just shrink it back down and pack it up. 

$29.95 in six different colours at Indigo.

6. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle.

I’m the MOST excited about this on my list. This is an insulated , reusable and rechargeable water bottle that cleans itself AND the water inside it. This is AWESOME when traveling to places without the best drinking water. Keep your clean water hot for 12 hours or cold for 24.

$125 at Indigo.

7. Stasher Reusable Pocket Bag.

If the person you’re buying for is into health and fitness, they are most likely also interested in saving the environment (and money on countless ziplocks). These ziplocks are great for all types of healthy snacks and even great protection for liquids you think might leak. 

set of 2 for $17.99 at Indigo


It can be hard to get the best workout in when your hotel has a crappy gym. But if you’re in a good location, you can easily attend a fitness class. One-time drop in rates can be expensive. Class Pass is a great tool to use at many gyms all over the globe! Just switch your location and chose a studio and go! Class pass has gift cards available. 

Choose your own amount at

9. Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat.

Sometimes when we travel for a living, getting a workout in is tough. An in-room workout is the only way to go. Give the gift of not-working-out-on-a-tiny-hotel-towel. This travel yoga mat is light-weight and easy to pack along. 

$27.87 at

10. SWD Wellness Massage Ball.

Stretching isn’t always enough. When you need to kned out a knot in your back, these massage balls are easy to use, even when you’re strapped into a chair or stuck in the back galley. 

$12.49 at

11. EVER ECO Bamboo Cutlery Set.

So many times we don’t have access to cutlery when we are traveling for work. This cutlery is light-weight and stays clean and protected in it’s case.  

$12.95 at Indigo

12. Fitbit Versa 2.

A watch is part of a flight attendant uniform. Why not have one that can be used for everything from tracking your heart rate to timing when second service is.

$249.95 at Indigo

13. HEAD Digital Sport Running Gloves.

If your friend, significant other or family member is a runner, they probably travel to places where it can get pretty cold. These Running gloves are a great price, warm and allows the runner to text while wearing them…or google map how to get back to the hotel. 

$16.99 from Costco.

14. Saje Pocket Pharmacy.

This may be the single-best-gift I have ever given myself. This kit relieves headaches, stomach aches, pain, stress and sickness that is probably irking in the cabin.

$65 from Saje

14. Silk Sleep Mask & Pillow Case Set.

One of the hardest things about traveling for a living is sleeping in a different hotel rooms all the time. This gift pack will aid in preventing glare from blinds that don’t close and keeping a new bed feeling more familiar. Plus, the silk is great for skin and hair. 

$71.25 on sale now from Indigo.

15. Personalized Luggage Tags.

Every crew member has the same damn bags. Which makes it easy to grab the wrong bag. These one-of-a-kind tags will make it easier to know which one is who’s. No more lost baggage. 

$27.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.

16. Apple Airpods Pro.

From workouts outside, in gyms or deadheading on planes, a good set of headphones is a necessity. These ear buds are wireless and have a microphone.

$329 from apple.

17. Baggu Reusable Tote.

If your gift-ee is likes to shop when they are abroad, these cute tote bags are easy to pack. 

$14.99 from

18. Auria Travel Diffuser.

A travel diffuser can make a hotel room feel like home, relaxing and comfortable.

$59.50 at Indigo

19. Batiste Dry Shampoo.

Any girl who is fit and on-the-go needs a good dry shampoo. This one I have been using for years. Plus they come in travel size.

Mini Size $5.49 from

20. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix.

Coffee on the plane isn’t always the best. This coffee blend is tasty and offers a variety of nutrients.

$20.99 at

21. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer.

If you have a dairy allergy or intolerance you know how tough it can be to travel and have anything but a black coffee. Collagen creamer offers a fresh hit of creamy flavour and bone, skin & joint boosting nutrients. 

from $25 at Vital Proteins.

22. Packable Rain Jacket.

When flying all over the globe, there are times weather can take a turn for the worst. Giving a packable jacket is a gift that will never leave a flight bag and will come with thank-you’s for years to come. This one I’ve personally hiked up a mountain in a rainstorm and managed to keep dry. 

Piper Jacket $155 at Lole.

23. Philips Wake up Light.

When constantly changing time zones and switching from early mornings to red eyes, a wake up light can help reset the body and wake up someone in a much nicer way than fluorescent lights. 

starting at $69.96 at

24. Meal Subscription Service.

Healthy eating and traveling don’t always mix, especially when it seems impossible to meal prep. A meal subscription service can help someone eat healthy for a whole month.

Starting at $79.99 at or $59.99 at

25. Travel-size skin care .

We all know that the plane can really dry out skin. A perfect gift, is the gift of hydrating skin and hard-working makeup to make it through those 14 hour days. 

$52 CAD at

26. Travel Size Facial Spray .

Remember I talked about having dry skin on the plane. This Facial mist has saved my life several times. 

$11.00 CAD at Urban Outfitters.

27. Hand Sanitizer Spray.

Planes can be gross. People can be gross. Public bathrooms can be gross. Sometimes you can’t always reach a tap and soap. I love this sanitizer because it doesn’t dry out my hands and it smells great. 

$1.99 USD at Target.

28. Fly Girl Box Subscription.

Targeted for female flight crew members, this box offers a bunch of goodies without you having to give any thought.  

Starting at $39.99 at

Quip Metal toothbrush is perfect for traveling!

29. Quip Electric Toothbrush.

Nothing is better after a long day of flying than brushing. This brush is perfect for travel, battery operated with a sleek cover.   

Starting at $40 at

30. Mini Band Set.

Had to share one more band set. This one is great for toning glutes. plus, it has a bonus band for pull-ups.

$19.97 on

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