Three Fitness Studios You Gotta Try in Phoenix

Since I was in phoenix alllll by myself in phoenix, I decided to take advantage of my freedom to do whatever u want. Trying out new fitness studios everywhere I travel, has become one of my favourite things to do. Checking out a new studio can be a little nerve-racking, but there’s a ton of benefits too! Meeting new people, checking out a new area, plus getting a great workout in. During my stay in phoenix, these three were my favourite studios and I suggest you check them out if you’re in the area!

barre 3


I knew I was going to love this studio the second I walked in. their retail section was to die for! I’ve said this many, many times…but having a friendly instructor and welcoming front desk staff is everything…and damn do they have that! Instantly I felt welcome and ready to roll. The class was bomb, with an amazing music selection plus tonnes of new barre moves I had never done before. This was my first time actually using a barre ball in a class. Even though that ball weighs nothing, looks cute and squishy…it is not fun. My booty was dyyyying after this class. This studio takes a unique twist on barre, adding in pilates, ballet and yoga moves into every class.

After class the girls at the studio invited me to join their free outdoor class on Sunday (which was the day I had to fly home…boo). Barre 3 is great for extra events and free classes. Check out their website for more details or subscribe to their email thread.

A great bonus to this studio is their childcare section. If you want to take a class and you’re with your little ones, they can hangout in the studio just outside the class door.


barre 3 Breakdown

Fitness Style: Barre, Pilates, yoga, ballet

First Class Free: No

Drop in rate: $24

Special offer: 3 for $40

Located: Paradise Valley

Toughness: 7/10

What to bring: Water bottle, toe sox

What’s provided: Towels, mats, water fountain

Classes per day: 8-4



I’ve tried a lot of spin classes. A LOT. But none can compete with Flywheel. This was hands-down the toughest, sweatiest spin class I have ever taken.

The ride is very technical. You set your bike to a number of resistance shouted out by the instructor, and stay within the RPM range. There’s no way for you to cheat yourself of the workout the instructor wants you to have. The number is right in front of you. Sure he/she can’t tell if you’re half-assing it…but you can. Honestly, I think that can be more powerful. Don’t get turned off by how hard I say it is though, its also super fun! The instructors were very helpful at the start of class, helping me with my bike and explaining how the class works. The tracks were amazing and even though this was a hard workout, it still had the fun, dance atmosphere of most spin studios. I can truly say this was the first time I was TOO SORE to do any leg workout the next day.

Flywheel Breakdown

Fitness Style: Cycle/Spin

First Class Free: Yes

Drop in rate: $30

Special offer: 3 for $65

Located: Scottsdale Quarter

Toughness: 9/10

What to bring: Water bottle

What’s provided: Towels, spin shoes

Classes per day: 5-3


The Body Lab


So I kinda cheated here with this one. The Body Lab uses the Lagree method for their Pilates classes. Which is exactly the type of classes I take back at home. Right away I was familiar with the equipment and felt comfortable. What I love about the Body Lab and many of the Lagree studios is that the class sizes are small. There are usually only 8-12 megaformers (the machines you use in class) per class. Meaning, you get a lot of one-on-one instruction, which is great for beginners, but also important to making sure you are getting the most out of your workout. Using these machines are great for anyone as the movements are usually slow and controlled, there are always modifications and its low impact (don’t expecting any jumping or running here!)

The Body Lab Breakdown

Fitness Style: Lagree method: Pilates

First Class Free: Yes

Drop in rate: $30

Special offer: 8 for $139

Located: Desert Ridge

Toughness: 7/10

What to bring: Water bottle, toe sox

What’s provided: Towels, water fountain

Classes per day: 7-4

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