10 Quick and Healthy Meals & Snacks You Can Pick Up From the Grocery Store

I love having a kitchen when I’m away on vacation…. this time I’m staying cozy in Fountain Hills, Arizona. This vacation is a little different from most. I call it my FIT-cation. I’m tuning in to myself. Actually trying to meditate every morning. Cooking and eating healthy, fresh meals everyday. Taking in tough workouts and amazing fitness classes. As well as working on my blog!

The first thing I had to get at during this FITcation, was a stop at the grocery store. After catching up with a friend on the flight down, I learned of a grocery store called Sprouts. Intrigued? Yes, yes I was.

I wanted to be able to cook almost all of my meals. I never really know what exactly is in something I order from a restaurant. So to play it safe I wanted to eat most of my meals at home.

My goal? Find enough healthy meals and snacks to last me the week. With the added challenge of the meals being easy, quick, and requiring as little prep as possible.

Here’s what I came up with. If you’re ever on a FITcation or just wanting to eat healthy at home, I have a list of healthy foods you should pick up (and you won’t spend hours looking at labels, because I did that all for ya ;))


1. Sprouted Grain Hamburger Buns


Sprouted grain and whole wheat bread have pretty much the same nutritional benefits. So why would you spend the extra money on sprouted?

Sprouted grain breads contain less gluten and are easier to digest (good news for people with a minor gluten intolerance). Sprouting the grains during the process of making the bread makes it easier to digest, and also easier to absorb the minerals and other good stuff from the bread (thanks phytic acid!). I plan on being in a bikini for most of this trip, so anything that helps me digest food properly (and not bloat my ass off) is always a good thing.

Fit Tip: You should find these breads in the frozen section – if not, the breads will likely have preservatives.


2. One and no cow protein bars


Like I said, this is a FITcation, meaning I plan on being fit and active during this trip. Driving between workout classes and meals can leave me…well…starving. Instead of making an impromptu trip through the McDonalds drive-thru, I like to keep protein bars on hand. Again, I use these as snacks, to tie me over before I eat my next meal. I DO NOT want a protein bar that has 300-400 calories a bar. I also DO NOT want a bar that has 30 grams of sugar. This is pretty common of most protein bars. In fact, I had to look at what felt like hundreds of bars before I found these two.

These two brands have 1 gram of sugar, and 20-22 grams of protein! And they actually taste good.


3. Vegan burger (Hilary’s)

As I’ve said before, I am not vegan or vegetarian. But why not eat plant-based meals whenever you can? These vegan patties have half the fat of a regular burger, but still pack a punch for protein and calories. The patty is dairy and gluten free too! I love how all the ingredients are normal everyday ingredients.

The best part? It only takes 6 minutes to fry up and enjoy one of these bad boys.


4. Sprouts Market Quinoa Duo

Grains and veggies all together in one packet that takes four minutes to make? Yes please! I’ll take five.

This package from sprouts has all the seasoning and flavours you want in your quinoa. Again, all natural, normal ingredients I can pronounce.


5. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer & Collagen Peptides


Collagen is one of those “hot” fads that we all want a piece of.

Why should we be ingesting collagen?

For starters, we stop producing collagen as we age. In other words, our skin loses elasticity, our bones get a little more brittle, our ligaments and muscles break down. Taking collagen is supposed to help replenish our bones and organs. Like anything in the health and fitness world, no one really knows for sure if taking collagen supplements really works.

So instead I’ll tell you my own personal story.

Whenever I did lunges, I would get a tinge in my left knee. No matter how much I tried to correct my stance, I would get this pain. I started taking Vital Proteins in my post-workout shake…and I swear it helped. I no longer feel that tinge in my knee. Not sure if it’s a placebo effect or what, but I’m certain its from the collagen.


6. Cascadian Farms Fire Roasted Sweet Potatoes


Just roasted sweet potatoes. Nothing added. NOTHING. If you ever buy frozen sweet potatoes and actually read your nutrition labels, you’ll know this can be an almost impossible feat. So why buy this package instead of sweet potatoes? They’re already roasted and cut up. Only 12 minutes to get these in my belly.


7. Gabriella’s skinnypasta – Kale Pesto Linguine

I have had this protein pasta, and I loved it! Healthy carbs and protein? Just add the vegetables…I love it. I was super stoked to find out that the same brand had premade / frozen pasta. Its only 290 calories, but will keep you feeling full with 19 grams of protein. Only takes a few minutes in the microwave. The downside? Its not the best tasting thing I’ve ever had, it definitely tastes like a frozen pasta. But it’s easy and it fills you up.


8. Bulletproof Coffee Vanilla


What the hell is bulletproof coffee? Well, I’m glad you asked. Its coffee, mixed with grass-fed butter. The grass-fed part is important here. This type of butter is touted as a healthy fat that provides energy, can improve cognitive function and supports the hormonal system. Sounds like a good thing to drink first thing in the morning. This coffee in particular contains 190 calories and 13 grams of fat. So I mean its not terrible if you compare it to a pumpkin spiced latte (hello 400 calories!). This was a tasty chilled coffee, but for $5 a pop, it’s a little too expensive for an everyday beverage.


9. Made in Nature Mangoes


Same as the fire roasted sweet potatoes. Dried mango WITHOUT added sugars. This is tough to find. I love having dried fruit as a quick sweet snack. You can take them anywhere with you, and they taste just like candy!


10. Hope Kale Pesto Hummus

It’s hard to find a good premade pesto. Trust me, I’ve looked. While I was skeptical to try another premade pesto, I’m glad I did. This was so damn good. I added it to my breakfast bowl every morning. This hummus had all natural, readable ingredients. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!


Do you have any grocery store favourites? Comment below so I can give them a try!



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