5 Places I Go to For Fitness Inspo When I’m Too Lazy to Plan My Own Workout

Some days I’m lacking motivation. I’m too tired to think, but I know if I skip a workout I’ll regret it. When I’m staring off into space and can’t quite figure out what to do for my workout, I’ve got a few places I start to look.

1. Oxygen Magazine

I think I might own every single oxygen magazine produced since 2006. I love checking back to new and older articles in these magazines in particular. Their workouts are always tough and effective.

Sometimes I don’t have access to all the equipment the workouts require (this actually happens a lot), in which case I mix and match different workouts. or I pick another move that works similar muscle groups.

2. Instagram

Everyday I’m constantly scrolling through instagram. It’s a serious problem. I’m working on it.

Anytime I’m on the app and I stumble across a great workout from one of my favs, I snap the caption and keep it stored away for future use. Sometimes I’ll do the whole workout. But more often than not, I see a move or two I want to try to incorporate into my own workout.

It’s important to ACTUALLY screenshot the photo too. If you don’t, you might be questioning what the hell the move or workout actually was.

How do you find people and workouts you like? Follow one or two people you have  heard of. Then eventually they’ll post about other people they follow. Then you follow them or look at their suggestions. BOOM. You have a bunch more inspo!

If your reading this article…you probably should follow my insta…lots of inspiration on there for ya 😉 @fittoflye

3. Nike Training App

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now…this one has popped up a few times. I love it because I can select a workout depending on how much time I have, what I feel like working out, and what equipment I have (its usually none…). Best part? It’s free.

4. Fitness class

This is the easiest way to get a killer workout. When I’m too lazy to figure out what I want to do at the gym, I just go searching on my classpass app. If I want to do a lower body workout – I usually aim for barre or pilates. Upper body? I sign up for boxing. I could go on forever. You get the idea.

When I’m away for work, I’ll just google studios around me and go from there.

5. The Long Notes List

This isn’t something that appears overnight. I recommend writing down every single workout in your phone. I do this for almost every workout I do. I now have my very own collection of over 300 workouts that I can pull up when I’m not feeling creative (they are also marked and titled by equipment and what muscle groups the workout is training).

It legit takes no time at all…and after a few months, you’ll have a ton of workouts to choose from.

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