10 Reasons Why I Mix in Fitness Classes With My Strength Training

1. Challenging

Every time I step into a new class I’m a little nervous. I know its going to be difficult and there’s always the thought that crosses my mind telling me that I should just cancel it. Afterwards, I never regret going. Every class I go to, whether it’s the first time or the 10th time, I get an intense workout that I’m not used to. Using equipment I might not have at home, or even at my local gym. Targeting muscles I didn’t even know I had. It’s never easy, but the challenge makes it worth it. Workout classes will test your breathing, flexibility, muscle endurance and strength in new ways you could have ever imagined.

2. Competition

Look to your left, look to your right. These bitches are your competition. Okay so not really, but they are if you want them to be. Although I love working out alone because I can focus on just me, training with a group has a competitive effect. It helps push me to go harder than I ever would have on my own. We all have that natural impulse to beat someone, or to at least be better than that chick. Na mean?

3. New Workouts

I love learning new workouts with different equipment. And if I really like it, I can incorporate it into my own workouts. Who knew how effective (and tough) a plié could be?

4. I Hate Cardio

I FUCKING HATE cardio. I hate running. I would legit rather die than run any kind of distance. Anyone else feel this way? Workout classes give you the cardio without the boredom. FINALLY! This is the only way I’ve been able to amp up my cardio vascular training regularly.

After Boxing Bootcamp @thesweatscience

5. A Healthy Way to Hangout with Friends

Since signing up for classpass, I’ve had a much better (and healthier) social life. I just book a class and text a friend, hangout for coffee after and catch up. It’s difficult for us all to hangout often because we are all so busy (you know trying to juggle health, friends, family, work, pets, kids…need I go on?). Being able to kill two birds with one stone is what I’m all about in today’s busy world.

*If you want to try class pass, use this code to get $30 off your first month : http://class.ps/hO0qx

6. Trainers Push You

Workout classes make you compete against others, but it also stops you from slacking off since you have a top-notch teacher watching you and correcting form. Same as when we compete against others, having a trainer watching you makes you want to work harder than you would have alone. Trainers are there to give you the positivity and push you to try a new move, get to that last rep, or just plain survive.

7. I Love Doing Every Type of Workout

Although lifting weights is my jam, I love challenging my body through new workouts. So instead of being AMAZING at one thing, I’m mediocre at a lot of things (hahaha I know you’re jealous). This is a reason why I can’t sign up for a membership at just one studio. Instead I hop through boxing, barre, spin, yoga, rowing, TRX, surfset, HIIT and Pilates class every week. This keeps my body guessing and changes up my regularly scheduled routine.

@Lagree in Signal Hill

8. I Don’t Have to Think

Sometimes I just want someone to tell me what to do. Planning out workouts is time consuming and repetitive. It’s a nice break to pop into a studio and have someone tell you what workout you’ll be doing today. And if you hit the right studios, you know it’ll be a killer workout.

9. Training Muscles in a Different Way

I’ve always been a huge promoter of strength training. I truly believe that it is the best way to train your body, build muscle and burn fat. To continue to push your body and keep it guessing, you gotta change it up (as I said earlier). That’s another reason I love taking fitness classes. The first time I did barre class I almost died. Why? It didn’t make sense…I mean I can squat over 100lbs, why is it so damn hard to lift my leg up 32 times without a break? Well it’s probably because I’ve never trained my muscles that way before. They burned out quick, and I can say the results of switching it up are definitely worth it.

10. Its fun

Lets face it, workout classes are fun! Training to be a dancer, or learning how to box, or even working your balance on a surfboard is so awesome! We are so lucky all these cool classes are popping up around our city and around the world. Spinning in a club? Yup you can do that too! You’ll burn major calories and you don’t have to worry about some nasty dude (or gal) drunkenly hitting on you. It’s the best of both worlds.


If you’ve always worked out on your own, give some studios and classes a try. You never know, the change up in your routine might just be the piece to your perfect fitness routine.

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Mix in Fitness Classes With My Strength Training

  1. I signed up for a workout class. A PiYo class and fell in love. I did it the same reasons you did. I love the newer workouts. My body feels it too! I also am competitive af!! That’s why I love the classes. It also really pushes you. What’s your favorite fitness class you would recommend?

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