The Five Absolute Best Free Fitness and Health Apps (or can help save you money)


Although I tend to research and plan all my workouts and everything health-related by myself, it’s nice to have some extra help once in a while. With so many new apps, websites, a workout plan, online nutrition guides it’s hard to figure out which ones will work best for you. Since iPhones and apps have existed, I’ve tried out numerous apps to find which ones work best for me. And what REALLY works best for me is free. Good ones that are free are so hard to find. Today I’m going to share with you my five favourites. Some of them are old, and there could possibly be a better “free” one on the market, but these have been good to me for years. If you know of an alternative, please comment below and share the knowledge!

1. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club.png

This app is number one on my list for a reason. It has tones of amazing workouts that are organized by equipment needed, body parts trained, type of workout, time to complete work etc. The app even has workouts from some of your favourite trainers and athletes (hello Ronaldo <3). Everything on the app is free. I love to use this app for restorative yoga, or when I am limited on equipment. Or honestly, when I’m too lazy to make up my own workout. Don’t have wifi? You can pre-download workouts that will play without it.

2. Breathe


I’ve tried a few meditation apps, and every time I come back to this one. The app is free, with several free meditations, but it also has in-app purchases, if you want the higher-end meditations the app provides. Out of all the meditation apps I’ve tried, I found Breathe has the best free content. I also find Jamie’s voice to be so soothing. This app is also great for beginners as it guides you to pick the right mediation for you. When you “check in” to the app, is asks you how you are feeling physically, mentally and also asks to list five emotions that resonate with you at this time. After all of this, the app recommends a mediation for you.

3. Gym Boss Timer


This is one of the oldest apps I have on my phone, but I’ve never felt to need to change this timer since it does everything I need it to do. I use this app primarily for creating my timed workouts. Wether it’s tabata, HIIT, or sprints: the Gym Boss timer allows me to create as many of my own personal timers. The app doesn’t require any wifi, so I can create my workouts on the plane or on the beach with no problems at all.

4. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal.png

Think that egg white wrap is your healthiest choice? Think again. Almost your entire daily intake of sodium is in that tiny little wrap from Tim Hortons. Unfortunately I found that out after I already ate it – but at least I know not to order it again. I love using this app for times when I have to eat out; it helps me make the healthiest decision. Especially up here in Canada, where the majority of our menus don’t have calorie or nutrition information. If. You’re going hardcore with your nutrition and diet, this app allows you to track your meals and figure out your macros (i.e. How much protein you are eating vs. how much you should be eating etc.). This can help you figure out why you aren’t losing weight because maybe what you think is healthy, really isn’t.

5. Class Pass


Ok this one is not free. But it saves me so much money for my workout classes that it’s almost like a 50% off coupon for me. If you haven’t heard of class pass let me give you the DL. Classpass is a membership that allows you to book fitness classes around whatever city you’re in. It’s perfect for someone like me who likes variety, because I can do a Barre class, boxing or Pilates all in the same month. I usually purchase the 20 credits per month since I am away working a lot. This works out to usually 5 classes a month for $40. That works out to $8 a class! Which saves me so much because most of the classes I take, the drop in is $20-30. Woooo! I defs wish I invented it. And for all you flight crew out there: you can change your current city to wherever you are for work, and you can use your credits there. How freaken sweet is that?

Want to give it a try? Click the link below to sign up and receive $30 off your first month:

But this app is not available for every city, so check to make sure it’s available in your city before you purchase. If you do get it…add me as a friend!


Hope these recommendations can help you out on your fitness and health journey as much as they help me! Share any recommendations for apps below – I’m always up for trying something new.

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