The Benefits of Turmeric & Turmeric Collagen Tea Recipe

I hate fads. I hate fad diets. I hate fad workouts. But once and a while something new grabs my attention. Turmeric is one of those “fads”. This spice has been around for over 4,000 years and has been known to have holistic effects for almost as many years. So why is everyone talking about it now?

Turmeric is one of the hottest super foods right now. Health professionals, magazines and health-food companies claim the spice is a great anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and great for your digestive system. Some studies say turmeric’s inflammation properties can treat and/or prevent diseases, such as heart disease and cancers.

So What is it?

Have you ever had any Indian food? Particularly curry? Turmeric is the main ingredient in curry powder and gives the dish that golden glow. Curcumin is what everyone is obsessed with – it’s the active ingredient found in turmeric.

Take Turmeric with Black Pepper

Turmeric is difficult to absorb. Taking turmeric alone won’t give you the benefits you want from the spice. A friend of mine suggested drinking or eating your turmeric with pepper. Why? Pepper helps boost the absorption of turmeric into the bloodstream.

Studies Are Biased and Inconclusive

Before you splurge on turmeric supplements or integrate it into every meal, you should know there isn’t any definitive research on its effects. After reading several articles, reviews and studies, no one can say for certain that turmeric can do all the wonderful things we think (and hope) it can do. Since it is almost always paired up with other supplements (to help with absorption), its tough to say whether it’s the turmeric or the other substances that are beneficial to our health. Most of the studies are done on animals (not humans), which makes the findings questionable as well.

Just like any new craze, turmeric has potential. But more research is needed to know for sure.

Take an Appropriate Amount

If you decide to work it into your diet, be careful how much you take. High doses of turmeric are shown to cause digestive problems, such as acid reflux and low blood sugar. Be sure to check with your doctor too if you are taking any prescriptions (some don’t mix well with turmeric). Someone literally died from a turmeric IV – don’t overdo it.

It’s Better To Consume With Foods

So what’s the best way to try it out? Most dieticians say that eating turmeric with food or drinks is the way to go. It’s a great way to spice up your healthy meals (helps avoid using extra salt or sugar, yasss).

Bottom line:

  • Studies show turmeric has inflammatory properties, can fight and prevent diseases, and is a powerful anti-oxidant
  • These studies aren’t a full investigation of Curcumin on its own: cannot say for sure that turmeric has all the properties that are promised
  • Eat rather than take supplements of turmeric (to avoid over-consumption)
  • Doesn’t hurt to try – no one has clearly proven that turmeric doesn’t have these benefits; plus it can aid weight loss and healthy eating by subbing the spice in for excess salt and sugar.

I love it in my healthier versions of curry, but I have also been enjoying a spoonful in my golden milk tea drinks. Check out the recipe below if you want to give turmeric a try! This is inspired by a lovely friend who first taught me all about the benefits of turmeric.


Collagen Golden Milk Tea




  1. Steep about half a cup of your tea of choice.
  2. Heat up a half a cup of vanilla almond milk.
  3. Remove tea bag and pour the heated almond milk into the mug.
  4. Stir in a teaspoon of Turmeric dfjhdfhd and collagen peptides.
  5. Enjoy!

I buy my Turmeric Golden Mylk from Blush Lane in Calgary, and the Vital Protiens Collagen Peptides online here.

How do you enjoy your turmeric? Post recipes below! And let me know if you try my collagen golden milk tea. ❤



Curious where my reseach came from? Check out the links below for more in-depth info about turmeric:

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