10 Workout Tips For Vacations: Tips, Tricks and Workout Routines

Nothing is more difficult than staying fit and healthy while traveling. Especially when traveling with someone who may not share the same health goals as you.

I’ve fallen victim to this before. I try to go with the flow and put my interests secondary. Taking care of yourself during a vacation or trip doesn’t have to be that way (if that’s what you want to do).

With workout bands and quick HIIT-style workouts, getting in your daily fitness doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Here’s some tips to fit in those workouts while you’re on vacation.

1. Pack Workout Bands

Workout bands are a great tool to target specific muscles. In turn, these isolation moves will give your body a break from the tougher, body-weight workouts. I’d like to pretend that I’m insanely fit and strong but let’s be real. I can’t do three variations of pull-ups and 10 different push-up variations during a workout without a lot of rest periods in between. Bands will help keep your workouts shorter and diverse.

These are the bands I use for my workouts:

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2. Plan Workouts Before You Go Away

Planning your workouts ahead of time will save you the stress and time of thinking up a workout for the day. Lucky for you, I’ve already put together a workout I did on my last trip to Arizona. Check it out:

Lower Body Split

  1. Side Lunges
  2. Single-Leg Donkey Kick with Band
  3. In-and-Out Squat jumps with Band
  4. Plank Leg Lift with Band
  5. Hip Lift with Band
  6. Standing Leg Kickback with Band
  7. Squat and Lateral side Lift with Band

Upper Body Split

  1. Push Ups
  2. Bent-Over Rows with Bands
  3. Pike Push Ups
  4. Bicep Curl with Bands
  5. Vinyasa Flow
  6. Alternating Tricep Dip with Toe Touch

3. Timing is Everything

Making sure your workout doesn’t inflict on any plans or socializing during the vacation is key to sticking to a training regime. It’s easy to skip your workout when you plan to do it while everyone is having cocktails at the pool, or right before a safari (lol I don’t know what you do on your trips). The best time for a workout is when everyone is catching up on emails or phone calls. Or when your travel companion is taking a nap or reading a book by the pool.

4. Invite Your Friends, Family or Travel Partner to Join


As social beings, we gravitate to do what everyone else around us is doing. People tend to workout more when they have a buddy to workout with. A study in the Journal of Social Sciences suggests that we will follow our partner’s workout level; meaning, we will workout at a high level if our workout buddy is exercising at that level (or vice versa). Having an exercise companion also increases the amount of exercise we do, says a study from the University of Aberdeen.

5. Don’t be a Pushover (let them know what you want)

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” – Nora Roberts

There is nothing wrong with setting out before a trip and letting those around you know what you want out of the trip. This speaks for both what you want to experience and see, as well as what you wish to do with your downtime. I’ve never had an issue with anyone I’ve travelled with when I’ve told them about my fitness plan for the trip. You’d be surprised how supportive your friends and family can be.

6. Workout Before the Afternoon

After around 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm there’s cocktail time. If you like a good glass of wine or a mojito on vacation like me, you know how hard it is to turn that down. You also know how hard (and dangerous) it is to do a workout after having a few drinks. Working out in the morning gets it out of the way and leaves you with the whole day to sightsee and have fun.

7. Again, Dry Shampoo

Basically any list that I write that has anything to do with saving time, you will see this point. My ladies, dry shampoo can take of the stress of getting ready quickly after a workout.

8. Take Your Workout Outside


There’s not a cloud in the sky. The cool breeze along the water is inviting. The views of the ocean and white sandy beach makes you want to squeeze in as much of this paradise as possible. Who wants to go into a crappy, dim, tiny gym at the hotel when there is so much to experience outside? Get the best of both worlds by taking your workout outside.

9. Don’t Forget Protein Powder

The only thing more important than a good workout is a proper recovery. It’s super easy to pack a zip lock of protein powder to bring with you on your trip. This way you don’t have to worry about finding something to eat that would give you all the benefits that protein powder gives you. I like to use Beyond Yourself Isolate Protein.

10. Coffee or Preworkout Can be Your Best Friend.


Caffeine intake before a workout has shown to increase athletic output – meaning training harder and for longer (according to a study in Sports Medicine). Coffee or pre-workout can give you that jolt you need to get up and complete a quick workout without wasting any time. When I’m really tired or unmotivated, my favourite pre-workout is Cellucor C4 Gen4.

Sometimes a vacation is needed for a reason. There’s nothing wrong with active rest and relaxation. Listen to your body and do what makes you feel best. Since I travel a lot, sitting around drinking beers and nachos isn’t something I like doing on every trip. But sometimes, that’s just what I need.

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