5 Budget Savers for Traveling

Traveling is so expensive, and I am literally the poorest person ever. But I enjoy traveling so much and haven’t been able to give it up yet!

Over the past 5 years, I’ve managed to travel all over the world on a small budget. Here are a few tips to make your vacation and travels a little more manageable.

1. Bring Your Own Breakfast

Brining my own breakfast on my trips for the last few years has saved me $160-$700 a trip. That could be an extra week of accommodations! The cost of breakfast on average is $12 a person, and if your not traveling alone the cost just goes up. I always pack with me a bag of Rogers oatmeal and a jar of peanut butter. Want to add something special to your oats? I love heading over to the local marketing and picking up some fresh fruit. Nothing beats a healthy and filling breakfast before a long day at the beach. Just make sure your hotel rooms has a tea kettle or a microwave.


2. Be Prepared

What do I mean by that? Buy and pack medications and needed essentials before you leave. Any medication or sunscreen will be eight times the price in most vacation spots.

On a trip to the Dominican Republic, my boyfriend had a brutal head cold. It was difficult for him to sleep, let alone enjoy the trip. To solve the problem we went to the local pharmacy to pick up something for his cold. For six tablets, we paid $25 usd. Everything was in Spanish (which as much as I try to learn, I’m not very good at), so we never really knew what he was taking or if it was going to help. The lesson of this story? Unless you want to spend a big chunk of you vacation fund on drugs so that you don’t feel like dying…bring the necessities. I always have Advil, pepto, gravol and cold medicine on hand just in case.


3. Rent a Car

Ok obviously this doesn’t pertain to every locale (I’m thinking Southeast Asia…yikes). But the amount of money I could have saved on expensive shuttles and taxi rides by having my own vehicle is substantial. Not to mention the ability to go anywhere you want whenever you want. On. A recent trip to Nicaragua, I spent around $25 a day on rides to beaches and back to the hotel from town. Later, I found out I could have rented a car for $14 a day. Not only would that have saved me some cash (for more fish tacos of course), I could have seen more of Nicaragua and gone to the surf beaches I really wanted to see. Again, doesn’t work in all instances, but check out rates and research what the driving is like before you take the plunge.


4. Have the Right Credit Card

This is huge. I’m not going to necessarily say and promote which ones, but the Credit card you use on your trip can save you thousands of dollars, as well as save you from a bad situation. I recommend one that has vehicle insurance plan on renting a car. It can save your butt, but it also saves you a few bucks on the renters insurance. There’s another card in particular that doesn’t charge you fees for money exchange. If you travel a lot like me, that is definitely a money saver. Just as a side tip…some ATMs only take visa and don’t accept debit cards. So having more than one card is very important, especially when traveling outside of North America.


5. Save an offline map from Google

Don’t spend money on data while traveling to figure out where you need to go. During our road trip through Costa Rica, we downloaded a map off of google to follow to every destination. Once it’s downloaded into your phone, you can use the google map app and it will direct you where to go. Check out how to do it here.


Have any tips? Comment below 🙂

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