Holiday Food & Drinks: Calories, Fat and More


According to a study by the Calorie Control Council, American’s consume about 3,000 calories in one holiday meal. Although I wasn’t able to look at or read about the actual study (wasn’t shown on their website), I find this easily believable. The crazy part is, that doesn’t even include other meals or snacks throughout Christmas Day.

I’m not writing this to make you feel bad, or to stop you from indulging and enjoying your Christmas Day. No way. I assure you, when I have my dinner, I will be stuffing my face.

But, it’s always nice to have an idea of what we are consuming. Maybe you don’t like cranberry sauce at all, but you feel like you should eat it because everyone else is. Knowing what we are eating can help us decide what we want to indulge in and what we don’t want to (cranberry sauce – can you tell I don’t like it/ don’t think its worth it?)

I’ve done a little research on some of the most popular foods and drinks of the holiday season, and put together a colourful chart.

Here’s a couple of the highlights and other fun facts about Christmas food and drinks I’ve discovered this season.

  • The Peppermint white chocolate mocha from Starbucks is 510 calories with 18 grams of fat and 72 grams of sugar.
  • Canadians spent $460.2 million on candy, confectionery and snack foods at large retailers in December 2016
  • Canadians bought 5.2 million litres of eggnog in December 2016.
  • One cup of eggnog is 223 calories with 11 grams of fat and 20 grams of sugar.
  • My favourite, cranberry sauce, is 151 calories per 100 grams

Check out the rest on my infographics! All the data on the infographics are from, and the USDA.

Remember, theres nothing wrong with eating this stuff, just remember to try and eat in moderation!

Happy Holidays!

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