Lower Body Workout 2: Holiday Fit Guide

Hey all!


Today’s workout focuses on the lower body. Changing this one up a bit from the last lower body day. This one is a HIIT-style workout.

Holiday Fit Guide

Lower Body 2

Todays workout is a HIIT workout. Don’t forget to warm up!


Complete each workout for 30 seconds with no breaks in-between. AAer compleFng one round, rest for 30 seconds. Complete 3-5 rounds.


A) Start standing tall.
B) With left leg, reach forward and lunge. Make sure your leg is bent at about a 90 degree angle and back is straight and not leaning forward. Push back off of left foot back to start. Repeat with Right side. That’s one rep.


A) Standing with knees slightly bent, lower down into a squat (about 90 degree angle with your knee).

B) Explosively jump straight up as high as you can. Land lightly on your feet and immediate go down into a squat. Repeat.


A) Stand with your weight on your left leg. Bend down into a slight squat and use your arms for balance.

B) Explosively push off of your left foot laterally onto your right foot, bending into a slight squat. Use your arms to stabilize and kick your left foot in behind your right leg without touching the ground. Once you’ve gained stability, jump laterally back to your left repeating the same motion. Try to do this as quick as you can.


A) Lie face up on your mat with your knees bent. Raise your right leg up.

B) Push through your left foot to thrust your hip towards the ceiling. Keeping your back straight and parallel to the floor. Then lower. Repeat all reps on left side, then switch and repeat on the right.


A) Start in a squat posiFon up against a wall. Make sure your toes are pointed straight ahead or slightly out. Thighs are Parallel to the floor. Hold for 60 seconds.


A) Start in a wide stance with toes turned out.

B) Keeping your body upright, lower down into a wide squat.

C) At the bottom of your squat, push through your toes to raise heels up in a calf raise. Hold for 1-3 seconds and lower.Push up from your squat back to start. That’s one rep.


For more: download Holiday Fit Guide


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