Holiday Fit Guide: Active Rest Days

Everyone needs a break sometimes.

Although our bodies need a rest from workouts, its still important to stay active on our days off. Low impact cardio and activities are the way to go! Something as simple as going for a walk can help keep you feeling great and will help your body heal. I also suggest doing an activity with a friend – its a great way to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Why Active Rest and not ACTUAL Rest

Active rest can be better for you than taking off the entire day for several reasons. Keeping your body moving can help push out the lactate from your last workout and other toxins, as well as promotes better circulation to and from your muscles (Dunn, 2013, Oxygen Mag).

My most recent example of this doesn’t even relate to a tough workout. I worked a long day, 13 hours to be exact, in high heels with no breaks…I think I maybe sat down for a total of 30 minutes in the entire day. Needless to say, the bottoms of my feet were so sore that I could barely walk to my car that night. The next morning my feet were still insanely sore. I had to work again later that day, and I made plans to go to a kickboxing workout. I almost skipped it, thank goodness I didn’t. The workout fired up my heart rate and the extra circulation actually made the pain in my feet disappear.

I decided to post an activity guide for your active rest days. This will give you an idea of the intensity of the workout and the calories you’ll be burning. Get that blood flowing!

active rest guide

Click here to download a pdf of the active rest guide.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Fit Guide: Active Rest Days

  1. Kickboxing includes the kicks of martial arts, bodyweight resistance exercises, plyometrics, and advanced core routines. It is a whole-body workout that is cardiovascular in nature but concentrates on the lower body and the core. The result is a program that will increase your fitness level and make you lean and tone. It is worth to try work out for all ages.

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