Holiday Fit Guide: Cardio & Abs

Who’s ready for some cardio?!

I decided to give this workout two alternatives. Choose which one works best for you today! There are two different ways to complete this workout: As A HIIT or as a Tabata.


Holiday Fit Guide

Cardio & Abs


Complete each workout for 30 seconds with no breaks in-between. After completing one round, rest 1 minute. Complete 3-5 rounds.


Complete each workout for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds between each. Repeat for 4 minutes. Complete 3-5 rounds.


A) Start in a plank position with back lined up straight with the neck.

B) Do not let you hips drop or your back arc. Hold.

bear_crawlA) Start on all fours. On the palms of your hands, fingers spread wide and on your toes. Back is parallel with the floor. Keep Abs tight.

B) Reach your left hand forward followed by your right foot, moving forward. Repeat with your right hand moving forward followed by your left foot. Continue to crawl forward and backwards.

in_outs.pngA) Stand up straight with your knees slightly bent.

B) Quickly tap your toes in front of you. Left and right.

C) Then tap our toes laterally outward quickly. Left then right. Come back to start tapping your toes underneath you. Repeat.

burpees.pngA) Stand up straight with your knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart.

B) Bend down and place your hands on the floor, wider than your feet just in front of you.

C) Push back, kicking your feet behind you into a plank. (To make this harder, complete a push up). Jump feet back in towards your hands and explosively jump up.

bid_dogA) Start a table top position. Back parallel to the floor.

B) Raise your left hand forward, palm facing down. At the same time kick your leg straight out. Hold for 1-3

C) Pull left hand and right leg to your centre, touching your left elbow to your right knee. Go back to the table top position and alternate sides. Repeat.

sideplank_knee_drive.pngA) Start in a side plank position on your right side with your right elbow placed underneath your right shoulder. Stack your feet on top of one another.

B) Lift your left leg and pull your knee in towards your midline. At the same time drive your left elbow to touch your knee.

C) Bring back to start and repeat. Then switch sides.

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