Holiday Fit Guide: Lower Body Workout 1

Good Morning Lovelies!

Here’s the next workout in the Holiday Fit Guide! Today’s workout focuses on the Lower Body.  Let’s stay fit and healthy this holiday season together!

Let me know where you are doing your workouts!


Holiday Fit Guide

Lower Body Day 1

Complete each workout with 12-15 reps each. Rest 1 minute after each set. Complete 3-5 sets.

*Workouts with the star beside it have different instructions for reps than the instructions above.

*Drop Squats: 15 to 20 reps

*Single-Leg Squat: 6-10 reps

single_leg_deadlift.pngA) Start in a plank position. Arms stretched out below shoulders. Body and back in a straight line.

B) Lower chest down, keeping back in-line with the rest of the body. Avoid arcing of the back. Repeat.


A) In a supine position on the floor, put your body in a “V” shape with knees bent and arms stretched out below

B) Slowly lower body by bending at the elbows, using your triceps to dip your butt almost all the way down to your mat. Before touching the ground, push your triceps back into a straight line. Repeat.


A) Stand with your body weight on your left leg. Lift your right leg off the ground.

B) Squat down to a bench or low chair. Once your glutes touch the chair, push back up to start. Repeat for 6-10 reps and switch sides.

Reverse_lunge_knee_drives.pngA) Take your right leg and move into a reverse lunge.

B) Push up from the lunge and drive your right knee upwards into a jump. Land back in the lunge and repeat for 12-15 reps. Then switch sides.


A) Start in a table top position. Take right leg into a 90 degree angle, with your heel facing towards the sky.

B) Push through your heel and kick your foot up as high as you can, keeping the heel still facing towards the sky. Bring leg back down to 90 degree angle. Then repeat.


A) Lunge forward with your left leg.

B) Jump up from the lunge and switch your right leg forward and left leg back. Land into a lunge. Repeat.


Want a printable of the entire workout? Download it Here Now: Holiday Fit Guide

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