Top 5 Kitchen Tools You Need For Healthy Eating

As a young(ish) women that’s been slowly cooking and prepping healthy meals over the last two-three years, I have been adding more and more kitchen tools and appliances to my collection. Some of these new items have just become time-savers. Some literally promote healthy eating and cooking, while others stop my eyes from tearing up. If you’ve been cooking for yourself for years, some of these items may be no surprise to you. You might even be offended that I would even list such typical, simple items. But, for anyone who is new to healthy eating, or even cooking period, this list will be helpful! Trust me, I wish I had this four years ago. I’m sure it will grow again in a few more years. Have any tips? Leave a comment below!

1.Vegetable Spiralizer – I may have said this before, but the spiralizer has saved my life. Nearly 20 million Americans have reported to regularly image2(1)experiencing stomach problems after consuming gluten. Even though a lot of us experience this pain, it’s so difficult to stop eating pasta and pizza and…wow I’m getting real hungry. What does this have to do with the spiralizer? You can substitute any wheat noodles with zucchini noodles. Or sweet potato noodles. The possibilities are endless! Another fab thing about truly veggie noodles? They can be prepared raw or cooked. It can be a great time saver, zucchini noodles legit need to be cooked for only three minutes. Hello five minute pasta!

2. Chopper – Remember when I said you can save your tears with one of these kitchen tools? And I don’t mean when you are rejoicing over this amazing article. A chopper will save your eyes when you are dicing up onions! Not to mention it will save you time when dicing and chopping up any veggies. I find I never chop and dice as well with my own two hands as this bad boy does for me. You can find these at any home goods store or grocery store. I use the PC chopper in my kitchen from Loblaws/Superstore.

3. Food Processor – When I wanted to make my own veggie burgers, I realized your typical blender just wasn’t going to cut it. Food processor will allow you to make all sorts of food, sauces and soups. And most importantly, all with ingredients you know. Okay, maybe you don’t get exactly what I mean. Many store-bought salad dressings have high fat andfoodprocessor high calories per serving. Which pretty much defeats the purpose of having a salad in the first place. I wouldn’t recommend the low-cal versions necessarily either. To make up for the lack of fat, many of these low calorie dressings have high sugar or sodium content. Not ideal. And don’t even get me started on soup. The amount of sodium packed in those bad boys will bloat you for daysssssss. So why not make it yourself? A food processor can make that happen for you.

4. Slow Cooker – I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t made many meals from a slow cooker. Mainly because I’m not usually in one place for more than 24 hours. But, these guys are amazing if you’re a normal person. There are a ton of recipes on the internet, and all you have to do is pop in the ingredients at night or before you go to work. Then boom! you have a hot, yummy and healthy meal by the time you’re ready for dinner.

5. George Foreman Grill – If you are afraid of using the BBQ or, more likely, refuse to stand in -20 degree weather to cook your food, I have your answer. An indoor grill will keep you in from the cold, and are close to idiot proof. You’ll get the crispiness (not sure if that’s a word…) of a grilled chicken breast in the comfort of your own home.

image1(1)*Bonus: Tablet/cookbook holder – Maybe I just like the look of it, but I swear these wooden tablet holders are awesome! You don’t have to find a large space to put your book on your counter to follow your recipe (yay!). It also keeps your eye level at the perfect position for ideal reading, which can help avoid using 1 tablespoon instead of 1 teaspoon in your cooking.



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