My Favourite Items For Staying Fit on the Go

Traveling for a living definitely has its perks. New places, nice hotels, never having to clean your room. Staying fit on the road, however, can be very difficult. Especially when your hotel’s idea of a fitness room is a closet with a creaky treadmill. Although fitness and over-all health is becoming a bigger part of our lives over the last decade, many hotels haven’t changed with the times. While heading out on as many adventures as I can and traveling for work up to 20 days a month, I’ve figured out ways to get my workout in and with some of my favorite fitness equipment. You can do the same! Check out this list of must-haves for a fitness traveler to keep your workouts on track even when you’re away from home.

Sport Drawstring Bag. I keep all my fitness equipment in this little baggie! It’s an easScreen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.58.17 AMy way to transfer your stuff into other bags or suitcases.  A Drawstring bag also makes it quick and easy to find all your workout things, without having to tear apart your entire suitcase. It can solve the problem of having sweaty, smelly (not necessarily body odor, that plastic smell too) shoes and equipment touching your regular clothes or stinking up your suitcase.

Bands. Workout bands are my savior when I’m away from home. You can complete tough full-body workouts with these things and feel the burn. The push and pull of a band is a great way to change up your workouts from regular weights. The bands weigh close to nothing and take up as much space as a t-shirt (making them easy to pack!).
Sliders – I started using sliders when I wanted to try something new after getting bored with my body-weight and band workouts. Sliders can take an easy workout and really make you work hard. Like the bands, they take up little room and aren’t heavy at all. I bought the SKLZ sliders because they can be used on both hard surfaces as well as carpet ( But there are definitely cheaper ones that you can get online for around $10. You can even use a small towel instead of buying sliders, but it’ll only work on slippery surfaces.

foamFoam Roller.  At work I can be on my feet for up to 13 hours. After a long day or even a tough workout, foam rollers are perfect for stretching and rolling out those muscles. You can even buy one that’s hollow, so you can cram inside any small items so it doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase.

Spotify. If you are anything like me, you have zero time to download new music. The Spotify App will help pump up your workouts when you’re sick of your old music. Right now I’m addicted to Hot Country and Workout Twerkout.

Runners. I don’t mean just any old sneakers! Depending on what your plans are for your workouts when you’re away, pack the appropriate shoes. If you know you’ll be in your hotel room or gym and you don’t have to go outside, bring your indoor runners. If you know you’ll be hiking or running outside, bring those outdoor runners. There have been so many times I’ve brought and ruined brand new shoes because I didn’t plan before I packed.

Nike Training App.  When I need a quick cardio burst and I’m short on time, this app saves me! If you select get focused in the app, tons of 15 minute workouts pop up and many of them don’t require equipment. nike_training

Fitness Mag or a Fitness Website – I always bring an Oxygen or Women’s Health Mag with me everywhere I go. It helps inspire my workouts when I find myself doing the same routine often. Not to mention the inspiring women they feature every month to help get me motivated.

Shaker cup and Protein/ Pre-Workout. I don’t bring a shaker cup all the time. When I don’t, I end up using a plastic cup in the room, but you can never stir your protein very well. I suggest bringing a small one if and when you can. When I’m working long days or early mornings, I like to bring a pre-workout just to get me energized for a workout.

Layers. Bring more than one workout outfit because you never know if the weather is going to change, or if the fitness area is going to be 100 degrees. I always bring one pair of pants and one pair of shorts to suit my mood and the weather. You also will never catch me without a zip-up with pockets. These are great for keeping your hotel keys safe and snug.

*BONUS TIP* Ask about gym passes. Some hotels that don’t have a gym will sometimes offer free passes to a nearby gym or even a discount card. It doesn’t hurt to ask. If they don’t have either, the concierge may be able to point you in the direction of a nearby gym or great running path.


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