Time for a change

It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to change my workout regime. Almost over 4 years! So maybe “a while” is the wrong choice of words. It’s been a LONG time. I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’ve been able to maintain my ideal body shape with only strength training. This really did work for me for a long time. Just check out these pictures to see for yourself.


But after I turned 25, I noticed that I wasn’t able to stay at the same weight. I’m not a believer in weight defining how lean you are, or how in shape a person is. But when I couldn’t get to the same body weight I had when I was 23, 24…I realized something was up. After a check-up with my doctor, she informed me that once most women are over the age of 25, they tend to gain 10 lbs. I guess this was the kick in the butt I needed to really review my workouts and change things up.

First things first. Diet is, as we all know if the most important thing. I could workout four hours a day, but if I ate too much, or more importantly, ate more unhealthy foods, working out would not help improve my weight loss or body goals. So, I’ve adjusted over the last year. Eating healthy. Way more so then I ever did, when I looked like that (above). I’ve even found and created recipes of unhealthier options into a healthy format. That way I can eat a Pad Thai without feeling guilty. Don’t worry, I plan on sharing these recipes to aid anyone else wanting to change their lifestyle. And yes, I call it a lifestyle change, not a “Diet”. I don’t believe in diets. Mainly because after a month of it, most people go back to their old eating habits and gain all the weight back. It’s better and healthier for you to change your lifestyle and to commit to a healthy way of living. Which means you can still eat fries once in a while! and have a couple of glasses of wine with your girlfriends! We all have to live and enjoy our lives too right? I’ve really enjoyed this lifestyle change. I thought I was healthy before, but I’m eating better and cleaner than I ever did before! But I still find myself a ways behind where I’d like to be.

A huge part of maintaining weight and living a healthy life is proper rest and sleep cycles. This is part is close to impossible for me. I’m on the road a lot and my work shifts change from day to day. I could potentially be working a 12-hour day starting at 4am, then working a eight-hour day ending at midnight a few days later. I do my best to get eight hours of sleep and fit in a workout. But, there are times I an unable to get either. With this in mind, I knew I would have to work harder at my workouts and eating to combat the lack of proper sleep and work schedules.

After reading an article in a fitness magazine (I subscribe to Shape, Fitness, Women’s Health and Oxygen), I found what could potentially help aid my fitness goals. CARDIO. Yuck. I hate cardio! But, the article I read suggested for a lean yet strong body type, cardio needs to be added into my workout regime as a separate day. This means one to two days a week dedicated to cardio. I have been slipping by doing just strength training and HIIT workouts. But I believe this may be what I’ve been looking for. Longer HIIT cardio workouts, dance classes, spin, running and sprints. I usually added a small portion of cardio at the end of all my workouts, but it hasn’t been enough. So here it goes! I’ll try introducing a couple of cardio workouts to my weekly regime! Lets hope I can post positive progress with my new regime. Here’s a look at what I’m planning. Keep in mind I aim for six days of workouts a week, but will always plan for the week, in-case something comes up.

One Week Ago.
One Week Ago.

Monday – Legs (heavy)

Tuesday – Arms & Abs

Wednesday – Cardio

Thursday – Legs (HITT, body weight or high-reps low-weight)

Friday – Upper Body & Abs

Saturday – Cardio

Sunday – Active rest (Hiking, bike ride or dance class)

After adopting this new workout regime and changing my diet, I’ve really noticed the difference over the last few weeks! Check it out for yourself! Off to Vegas for a bachelorette on Saturday, excited to see the results before I go!

Ashley ❤

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